Being a teenager can be very tough. Sometimes it might help to have a bisexual, entrepreneurial, optimistic, spiritual, imperfect adult in your life.

Author Sarah Clark wants to be that person—to be the kind of adult she needed herself when she was a teenager.

The Snow Cone shares Clark’s personal narratives of growing up, coming of age, embracing her sexuality, and getting in touch with who she has always been. Through her memories, she describes the lessons she learned along the way, offering an example of a life of losing and finding oneself. She reflects on the wisdom she has gained and the snow cone method, which she uses to deal with shame, fear, doubt, social pressure, spirituality, resentment, and guilt—anything that can lead to anxiety or distress. Her hope is that young readers will follow her journey of big dreams and self-realization and reach for those things, embracing the permission to be themselves.

Using candid personal recollections, this guide presents a positive exploration of getting to know oneself and offers a practical approach to authenticity.

The Snow Cone by Sarah Clark comes in both digital and paperback copies. You can purchase your copy by clicking the links down below!